Plates are a type of removable appliance sometimes used to correct simple orthodontic problems, often where only one or two teeth are involved.  When multiple teeth are part of the problem or the bite needs correcting, treatment would usually involve fixed appliances (braces).

Each case is different so you will be instructed when the plate is fitted as to how and when to wear the plate.  This may range from just wearing the plate during sleeping hours or during the night, to all day and all night (full-time).  You can usually take your plate out when eating and brushing your teeth - in fact it is important to, so you can do these things properly!

In the beginning you may need to wear your plate for a few hours each day just to get used to it and then after a few days you could increase wear to the amount required. It is normal to feel some mild discomfort or firmness/tightness on the teeth especially in the beginning as you are adjusting to wearing the plate, and also after an appointment where the plate has been activated. This will settle after just a few days and soft food and occasionally Panadol/Nurofen or similar can be helpful. In the beginning the plate will affect speech and you may talk a little funny, however this will improve after a few days – the more you talk the faster this will happen!

It is important not to flick the plate in and out with your tongue as the plate will break.  And when it is not in your mouth to put it in it's box.  To repair or replace the plate will incur fees from the laboratory.