Occasionally one of the bands or brackets will loosen during treatment.  This shouldn't happen often and is usually due to eating something too hard.  So best to always avoid hard foods and cut up food into smaller pieces where possible, particularly apples, carrots and similar.  

Any loose band or bracket will still be attached to the main wire and therefore isn't an urgent problem.  It may feel looser as it is no longer attached to the tooth, however because it is still securely attached to the wire (usually by a small coloured elastic) it will be stabilized.

If you find the appliance 'pops' out at the back or lifts off one of the back teeth, just try and pop it back in by placing it directly over the back tooth which it was attached to and pushing it back up onto the tooth.  If you're not sure where it goes, just copy the other side.  This should make it comfortable and keep the appliance out of harms way.  It should be able to stay back on the tooth which it belongs by itself, although you'll have to be careful eating and stay with soft foods and definitely nothing sticky. 

Please contact our rooms during normal business hours to let us know if anything has come loose and one of our receptionists will let you know if we need to see you or if it is only a week or two until your next appointment it can often wait.